Allotment gardening, sources of help

Last revised: 31 January 2019

Allotment planning guides are extracts from original publications by Ealing Council, and Garden Organic composting guide.

A variety of seasonal reminders, hints and tips.

The allotments at Jubilee Road are on clay, which is within a spade depth. Bear this in mind when selecting plants and seeds or seeking advice from growers that have different growing conditions.

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Allotment planning guides

  1. Clay soil
  2. Common Pests
  3. Common diseases
  4. Composting, Guide No 7
  5. Green Manure
  6. Links to further help and information
  7. Plot preparation and planning layout, Guide No 2
  8. Potato and Tomato Blight

Crop planning

  1. Chitting Seeds
  2. Companion planting
  3. Crop rotation, Guide No 4
  4. Propagating Seeds
  5. Pruning fruit bushes
  6. Repellent plants