Allotment rules and guidance

Published: January 29, 2019

Jubilee Road guidance

Local guidance

Ealing Council rules and guidance

Ealing Council Privacy statement

Allotment rules

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Allotment rules (PDF)

Beekeeping rules (PDF)

Fowl keeping rules (PDF)

Rabbit keeping rules (PDF)

Allotment site in Ealing Borough

List of sites and contacts

Ealing Council guidance, including Asbestos, Bees and wasps, Compost bins and water butts, Dangerous trees and structures, Electricity, Fly tipping, Foxes, Giant Hogweed, Hedges, Japanese Knotweed, Keys, Manure and woodchip, Measuring plots, Overgrown plots, Paths, Rats, Rents, Rubbish collection, Security, Snakes, Toilets, Tree pruning, Water supply and leaks

Interactive map of allotment sites in Ealing