Local guidance

Last revised: 29 January 2019

This local guidance supplements Ealing Council Allotment rules and regulations.

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Contact site manager

Email: jrlgsoc@gmail.com


Located between triangle of Jubilee Road, George V Avenue and Bilton Road, Perivale.

Entrances next to 50 Jubilee Road or 198 Bilton Road, Perivale, UB6 7HQ

Public transport 297 bus stops at ‘Jubilee Road’, which also stops at Perivale station (Central Line) and Alperton station (Piccadilly Line).

Disabled access

The site is not provisioned with easy access by wheelchair. Anyone with walking difficulties should be assisted by an able person.

Society subscription

JRLGS annual subscription, £10, covers repairs and fuel for power tools. Social events are included, see below. No reduction for part of year.

JRLGS provide petrol lawn mower, strimmer and ground rotavator for use by subscribing members. These are heavy machinery. First time users are advised to get assistance. Named key holders will provide access to equipment on request.

Social events

Social events arranged by the Society are open to all tenants, family and friends. The annual subscription is intended to cover primary costs, although occasionally a contribution may be requested.


Please be aware of bee hives located under north side of oak trees at centre of the allotment. The bee keepers sell surplus honey at end of season during August through October.


Bonfires are not permitted on the site. Contact site manager if you have excessive waste materials to dispose.

The Council rule and guidance on bonfires or use of incinerators are strict. Improper burning of any materials may lead to loss of tenancy.

Burning of wood and pernicious weeds (not grass), is arranged periodically using incinerators. The pile is accumulated next to main compost heap, near the oak trees.

Cleaning tools and vegetables

The water butts quickly become poisoned with earth deposit and any chemicals cleaned from tools and vegetables. Please wash items in bucket of water.

Green waste and weeds

A central compost tip is available, located next to oak trees. However, it is best to create your own compost pile, or trench, digging the rotted waste into the ground each year, thus replenishing the ground mass, nutrients and energy.

Do not put potato or tomato plants or fruit that have been affected by blight onto your own or the community compost heap. This only help spread the disease. Bag and dispose separately. Take similar action with onion.


The grass path between plots is part of the plot and should be about 3 feet wide. Only grass is permitted. In many places, where previous plot owners have dug into paths, this is no longer the case. Take care walking around site, and endeavour to protect and build wider paths.


Rent is set by Ealing Council, for 2018/19 £15 per pole (approx. 30 sq. yards or 25 sq. meters). A typical plot is 5 pole, with annual rent £75. Concessions are available for Ealing residents over 60 or receiving certain benefits at time of annual renewal or initial letting if mid-year. Annual renewal is due 1st October.


Please ensure removal of metal, plastics and other items by your own means. The council does not collect rubbish from the allotment site.

Seed potatoes and onion sets

Available for purchase until supplies run out. Order during August/September.

Sheds, greenhouses, paving, grass area

Permission is granted at discretion of site manager.

One structure allowed on 5 pole plot. Suggested maximum size 8 x 6 feet. Ensure structure is fitted, locked and securely anchored.

A brick, or similar, base is recommended which raises structure above ground level to avoid flooding and damp. Use of concrete or cement is not permitted.

If next to site enclosure fencing, a gap of at least 1 yard (about 91 cm) must be provided to allow maintenance and discourage climbing over.

If a plot is given up, the structure should be removed or remain at discretion of site manager. The site manager will endeavour to owner with potential buyer if required.


A composting toilet is available for men and women.


No parking on site. Vehicles are not permitted at any time.

Entrance driveways should not be used for vehicles. Please off load and use wheel barrow to move goods on or off site.


Use of water hose connected to water butts is banned by Ealing Council.