Jubilee Road Leisure Gardens Society AGM

Held on 23rd April 2017, commencing 11am, at Jubilee Road allotments. About 30 members and guests present.

The meeting was opened by the chairman Tony Flavin and he welcomed councillor Tariq Mahmood who was attending as an observer. He also praised Michael Bunyan for all his efforts to improve the site throughout the previous year.

Secretary’s Report

Gerry informed the meeting that the minutes for the AGM held on 24th April 2016 were posted on the notice board next to the old trading hut for members to read and hard copies could be provided if required.

Treasurer’s Report

Grahame produced a breakdown of the accounts for the last year, which showed a balance of £3997.78. This was slightly up on last year’s figure, however he said we will have to move £1000.00 from the deposit account to the current account to cover some of the costs for the eco toilet until these are refunded by the council.

Site Manager’s Report

Michael provided a written report, which was distributed to all members present at the meeting. He also stated that the number of vacant plots had been greatly reduced and there were now only 5 vacant plots plus 8 new members joined the site so far this year.

Eco Toilet

The ward forum agreed to provide funds for the cost of the toilet including around £800.00 to cover the cost of the base. Michael said he predicts it will take 2 days to assemble the toilet with the help of volunteer carpenters and the work could start on the clean up day.


Michael proposed to repair roofs of the machine sheds and the small tool sheds next to the oak trees so that these could be let to plot holders who do not have a shed to store their tools. It was suggested that an annual charge of £5 to cover the repairs to these sheds.

Clean up day

This has been arranged for Sunday 8th May 2017.

Ealing in Bloom

Last year the site received a commended award. This year there are various individual categories which plot holders can apply for and judging will take place on the first and last weeks in July.

September Open Day

This will take place on 3rd September 2017. Volunteers will be needed to help organise this event and should give their details to Michael. Councillors Charan and Tariq said they were prepared to take an active lead with the organisation.

Election of Officers

Officers elected for forth coming year: